Small Group Training

Boot Camp

Each Small Group Training (SGT) session is structured to maximize fitness training and to minimize any potential injury. SGT’s are unquestionably the best way to provide the ultimate results in strengthening and toning, weight loss, and building endurance with friends. Join Be Buff Wellness for a workout in Prospect, Forest, Alley Pond or your local park, school, or other location! I bring the best components of fitness and athletics together in a fun and friendly group setting throughout Brooklyn and Queens.

Because I use several kinds of exercises formats, including individual and group exercises to execute the training methods, Be Buff Wellness offers an incredible amount of variety each workout. Each session features a different workout packed with a selection of exciting and challenging exercises, which include: plyometrics, resistance training, athletics drills, cardio training, speed and agility, and stretching. A boring routine won’t keep you coming back. I understand that. So I incorporate TRX, Insanity, and Kickboxing moves into every workout to keep your body guess and keep you having fun.

Be Buff Wellness SGTs use very little equipment, preferring the unique elements of our environment and your own body weight. All that you will need to bring is a mat, water (for hydration), and a towel (for wiping off sweat). You will also need to wear comfortable and stable footwear.

I welcome all fitness levels (ages 16-55) into our SGTs. My SGTs are in no way intimidating. Everyone wants to be in better physical condition. I push you to do your best to achieve your goals. More often than not, there will be others similar to you.

If you are looking for personal training, but can’t afford individual training, just get 3 friends and you can have what is known as Smalll Group Training. You get individualized attention, but share the cost between 4 people.