Be Buff Wellness works by learning all about YOU. I want you to be the best You that YOU can be. It’s not about my desires for you, but YOUR desires for YOURSELF. Most trainers seem to put their clients in a box – obese, skinny, old, young – and don’t take the time to get to know YOU. Well, if they don’t get to know You, then how can they help YOU?

I learn about my clients dreams and aspirations, not just your BMI and heart rate. It’s that kind of personalized service that will get you the results YOU need and expect. I’ll help you set up realistic expectations within reasonable time frames. You are the driver in this journey. I just help to steer the car.

Group Exercise Classes

Small Group Training

Personal Training

Are You Certified?

Having a qualified and dedicated Personal Trainer is key to You reaching your goals. So yes, I am certified by several high ranked organizations. What does that mean? It means that you will have someone by your side who understands physiology and the best methods to get results.

What About Nutrition?

I will be able to guide you the basic nutritional guidelines set up by the United States Department of agriculture, Department of Health and other organizations so you may have the best information possible.

However, I am not a dietitian, so if you have special dietary needs due to high blood pressure,  diabetes or another medical condition, I will be able to refer you to one of my nutritional specialist who can help you in more detail.