“T” Thursdays – The Change

In December, my period was 3 days late.

It was supposed to show up again near the end of January, but she stood me up.

Instead she showed up 3 weeks late, in mid-February. Even though it would be ALMOST impossible, I took a pregnancy test anyway. It was negative…obviously.

We are now in March, and I’m already 2 days late. Le sigh.

Prior to these months, my period was on time each and every month, unless I was pregnant. Even after getting my tubes tied in March 2015, my menstrual cycle did not vary.

But all of a sudden I’m here with no friggin idea when Shark Week is going to begin.

I’m not worried about there being anything seriously wrong with me, because I know the probability that I am experiencing the first signs on menopause is pretty high. But then I think, “I’m only 42”.

Aren’t You Too Young for Menopause?

The answer to that is no. Although, I feel way too young to be going through this, I know that many women start in their late 30’s, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

Still, when I think of the version of Irene who is going through menopause, in my head I see a much older version of me, with a full head of gray hair, and speed walking through the mall with friends, wearing cropped pants and white sneakers. *shudders*

Truth be told, menopause, to me, has always signaled the beginning of midlife.

It’s odd that the idea of going through menopause gives the impression of being so much older than I feel. I mean, think about it…it represents the end of those childbearing years – a time that I haven’t wanted to engage in for some time. Hell, I did have my tubes tied 2 years ago. My era of having babies is ovah!


For Mother Nature to take that option away from me, feels so much more permanent.

Am I alone here?

Tell me, how do you feel about your childbearing years ending?

…with love.



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