“T” Thursdays – Aging Happily, Not Gracefully 

Good morning and welcome to another “T’ Thursday, the T standing for Truth. This is a series where I discuss a variety of wellness issues that are not talked about very often.

Today’s T is about AGING.

On Saturday I turn 42. Hell, just saying that makes me smile. It’s hard to imagine me at this age, when, just a few years ago, the thought of turning 40 almost made me cry. At the time I didn’t feel old, nor did I want to seem old to society. I was cute, full of energy, and had a whole lot of life to live. I refused to accept 40.

October 2014. Here I was about to teach 2 classes at Lucille Roberts. Just 5 months before my 40th birthday.

But then, I was reminded of something. I was blessed to have made it to 40. Millions of men, women, and children around the world barely made it out of their 30’s. Some never see 25. So who the hell was I to act as if turning 40 was a “woe is me” experience? What was the alternative? 

I have lived a pretty full life. And although it has sometimes been turbulent, its brought me nothing but adventure, love, friends, family, and experiences that have taught me to be this person who is about to turn 42 years old.

Do I have regrets? Yeah, a few. People will tell you to live with no regrets, but lets be honest – there are a few changes I would make if I could go back in time. Things I wish I had or had not said, things I wished I did or didn’t do, places I went, people I associated with – but, they are back there, and I am here.

I’m not gonna sit here in this rocking chair and grow old gracefully, are you? Are you working that 9-5, waiting on retirement so you can play bridge at the community center? I’m not. I’m gonna run, jump, and swim forward. I’m gonna live like my ass is on fire.

And the goals…oh the goals. They are gonna be HUGE! See, I am not done yet. I have a whole lot of loving to do. I have a child who needs a mother to inspire her. I have loved ones who want to see me succeed. I have a legacy to leave behind.

So with every wrinkle, every grey hair, every ache and pain that rears its ugly head, I say “Is that all you’ve got”? To hell with it all! To hell with the beauty magazines that celebrate youth, the media who forget that we 40-somethings matter, the sports industry who says we are too old to succeed.

I’m 42, I’ strong, I’m beautiful, and I’m just getting started.

What do you have to say about aging happily?

…with love.



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