2017 Workout Of the Week 1

Last week I posted this workout on my Instagram page, and decided to turn it into a regularly scheduled blog post instead. Why should only Bed Stuy YMCA participants revel in the craziness that is my Kettlebell class when I can share it with all of you Netizens can as well.

So here it is, this weeks TWorkout!

Kettlebell workout

Now, the point of this workout is to complete 100 reps of each exercise (instructional links below).

You can divvy it up any way you want – 10 of each 10 times, 25 of each 4 times, 20 of each 5 times – it doesn’t matter. As long as you do all the reps.

So set up a timer, decided how many reps and sets you are going to do, and get to it!

DON’T FORGET: make sure you plan a rest period of at least 30 seconds per set. DO NOT try to be a superhero and complete the entire workout with no break. All you will do is hurt yourself and NO ONE wants that!

Ok, are you ready?

Please let me know if you try this workout and how you feel about it.



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