Daily Burn – Cardio Ball Review

If you are  thinking about trying an online fitness program, you are in the right spot.  I am in the middle of a free try out of the  Cardio Sculpt program over at Daily Burn for my clients and I want to share it with you.

This is my 4th class within the program, and it is a doozy.  The workout is called Cardio Ball and is a mix of cardio and resistance training. The class was great for getting your heart pumping and building muscle in your lower half.


The workout is listed as Medium and that is exactly what it is. The various squatting options are combined with cardio moves which create a great, overall route. Anja really keeps you motivated with her persistence and humor.


Each circuit consisted of two exercises,  the first done 4 times for 30 seconds each with a 15 second break, the second one  done for 2 times for 30 sections each with a 15 second break.  There were 6 circuits, with a 1 minute break between circuits. It’s a well designed class.

The Good

This class was fun and a good deal of work, but not too much. Anja showed progressions and regressions and even though its say you need weights, you really don’t. The warm up was great too.


I feel like I have the same complaint with each class – there is too much focus  on squats and lunges, and doing these classes back to back can eventually cause an injury to the knees if you are doing the same moves over and over. There are so many different options for working the lower body that do not include overworking the knee joints. I’m starting to feel as if Daily Burn is lacking exercise variety.

The 43-minute class is the longest one I’ve experienced so far and a really good one. I would keep the knees in mind – especially if you are like myself and have issues with then – and learn to modify when necessary.

  • Stated Course Level: Medium, Fast Paced
  • Actual Course Level: Medium, Fast Paced
  • Intensity: 8/10
  • Rating: 9/10

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