Daily Burn – Cardio Sculpt Review

Hey guys! Welcome back!

I’m here with another Daily Burn workout review, this time its the Cardio Sculpt class. It is, by far, my favorite to date.

daily burn cardio sculpt


The Good

I liked that this class was focused on the entire body, not just the butt. Some workout programs forget how important a strong core and back is, so it was nice to see some rows mixed in with the rest of the exercises.


The setup was the same as the BHT class – 2 exercises for 30 seconds each, repeated 3 times, and then a 1 minute rest, before moving to the next circuit.

Judi, like the other instructors, had terrific energy, and really seemed to enjoy what she was doing. She pushed you here and there and it was all that was needed to get through this workout. This was my favorite of the three classes so far.


The only thing that bothered me was Judi’s counting was a bit quick for strength training. For example, the tricep kickbacks were performed too quickly to really stress the muscle the way it is supposed to. Slowing it down just a little would benefit the participants so much more.


  • Stated Course Level: Medium
  • Actual Course Level: Medium
  • Intensity: 8/10
  • Rating: 9/10

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