Daily Burn – BHT (Butt, Hips, Thighs) Review

Hey guys! I’m back with another Daily Burn workout review. Last night I completed the BHT (Butt, Hips, Thighs) and my lower body was on 🔥!

The instructor’s name is Anja and she goes all in.

The class was listed as Easy and while the moves were not complicated, the workout itself was more intermediate than easy. That is because the entire routine stuck to pretty much one muscle group, which really put a fire in the glutes and quads.

Exercises ranges from squats to curtsey lunges, to side squats to side leg lifts.

Each circuit consisted of two exercises, each of which was performed for 30 seconds. After the 2 exercises you got a 30-second rest, and then repeated the circuit 3 more times.

Talk about quad burn.

The Good

Like my first workout, the were great progressions and regressions, which made forore flexibility in the routine.

Anja had good energy, and gave direction very well. The participants looked like they were enjoying the workout, but they also looked as if they were doing work, not as if it was a walk in the park.

There was a decent warm up and cool down/stretch afterward which felt great.


My only beef with this class was the extensive focus on the quads and glutes and the lack of exercise variability. Suqats and lunges are very similar exercises, and doing those repeatedly can cause unnecessary stress on the knee joints.

There are several plank position exercises that would have worked the same muscle group, and have saved the knees from added pressure. Variety doesn’t only cure workout boredom, but protects joints from overuse injuries.

Overall, the 32-minute class is a good one for sculpting the lower body. I would just be careful of the stress on the knees, especially for an ‘easy’ class.

  • Stated Course Level: easy
  • Actual Course Level: intermediate
  • Intensity: 8/10
  • Rating: 8/10

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