Daily Burn – Kickin It with Keaira Review

Hey guys and welcome to Friday. If you work a regular ol’ 9-5 then you are skipping to work today knowing you have the next two days to do whatever you want (sleep). Man, am I so looking forward to some extra relaxation (sleep).

Anyway, last night I started a new workout program called Daily Burn. I’ve had a few clients ask me about it and while I knew exactly what it was, I had never been to the website and knew nothing of the quality of workouts. So I decided to to sign up for the free 30-day trial and try the workouts for myself. And I figure, hey, I might learn something new in the process.

I won’t go into too many details regarding the overall program right now because I plan on doing a full review once my 30 days are over; however I do want to let you know about the first workout I did, Kickin It With Keaira.

This workout is part of the Cardio Sculpt category and consisted of an Intermediate Level kickboxing workout. It included a singular moves and combinations such as a jab-jab squat front kick combo, hook and uppercut combos, and more.

The Good

The class was organized well, with a quick warm up and cool down/stretch after the main routine. The participants seemed happy to be there and they didn’t take themselves too seriously.

The instructor was full of energy and the two assistants behind her showed appropriate progressions and regressions, which is awesome. She also demonstrated to kick properly and since so many instructors don’t do that, I’m giving her a big A+ for that one.

The Instructor also made sure to remind people to breathe throughout the workout and to take water breaks when necessary. Two things that are so important to participant safety.

The Not-So-Good

I feel like this course not NOT intermediate, but instead was beginner level for two reasons:

  1. I teach kickboxing with music at 140 bpm and have found that works for students at every level. The way the instructor taught this class, it felt closer to about 130 bpm. Basically it felt a bit slow.
  2. The breaks were sometimes too long for the length of the set. If you do 30 seconds of low intensity work, why take a 30 second (or longer) break? It seemed that we were doing the boxer shuffle more than doing any actual kickboxing moves.

After 37 minutes of working out – which included a warm up and cool down, my heart rate was barely elevated, and there was not a bit of sweat to be found.

Now, I understand that my cardiac fitness level is likely high because I teach and workout regularly. However, I have new students in my class regularly and this class would have left them feeling a little unhappy with the intensity level. I get more out of breathe running for one minute than I did this entire  workout. This routine did not feeling like an intermediate class at all.

All that being said, I think this would be a great class for absolute beginners. If you are looking to start exercising, this cardio class is for you. It was fun and could be done by kids too.

  • Stated Course Level: intermediate
  • Actual Course Level: beginner
  • Intensity: 3 to 4/10
  • Rating: 7/10

If you’ve done this Daily Burn class and have a similar or different opinion, please let me know in the comments. I look forward to hearing what you think.

Irene Out!


I went back to do another workout and the course is listed as EASY DIFFICULTY. I had assumed it was intermediate because that is the level I chose for my workouts. I was wrong. My bad.

MY new review is this – its perfect for newbies!! LOL!


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