Trying the @ZenLabs C25K Running Program


So guess what? I’m back to running again! Woot!

Ok, yeh, I’m excited. But I’m also concerned.


If you are new to my blog and have no idea why running would concern me, here’s the deal –

I have a herniated disc in my lower back (L4-L5). My doctors have told me that my days of running half-marathons are over. I’ve accepted that.

But that doesn’t mean that I am never going to run again. My doctors have told me that I should be able to run short distances, such as the 5K or even 10K. Awesome!

Training, however, has to be a lot different. I can’t just go out and run as long as I want. This time, I have to start slow, and get my body accustomed to the movements, the stress, and the work involved to getting back to running form with this new, permanent injury.

I’ll be honest – its very frustrating. To go from 13.1 to barely running 2 miles is humbling and, at times, angering. But it is what I have to deal with right now and I’ve had to accept that. So instead of being “Woah is me”, I’ve decided to start fresh with where I am right now. And that means starting the C25K program by Zen labs.

I really like the Zen Labs program because it has everything you could need within the app – a distance tracker, count up and count down timers, and music integration. There is a voice, and/or a beep that tells you when to move between running and walking; forums for sharing your experience with others, and motivational tips at the start.


Yeah, its overall a great app and it’s gonna make this journey to 5K simple to follow and fun to accomplish.

I will be blogging this adventure regularly so please feel free to join me. I would love to have some friends to virtually connect with. Let’s share the struggles and joys of growth together.



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