Adjusting To the New

So, to get straight to the point, I haven’t lost anymore weight since I last posted. Actually, I gained and am back to 201. That’s okay, because I know why.

There are a mix of valid reasons and garbage excuses for this –

  1. I moved and am now living by myself, farther away from my daughter. This means I have to get up at 5 am during the week (her father goes to work at 6 and I have to be there before he leaves) and I’ve been taking the last 2 weeks to get used to that new, almost abusive schedule.
  2. Since I am getting up 2 hours earlier every night, I need to make sure I’m in bed between 10 and 11 pm. But since I rarely get home before 8:30, that leaves very little time for cooking, going to the gym, and the basics like Netflix & Chill before I fall asleep.
  3. Getting up at 5 am every morning means that I am not getting early to go to the gym  on Saturday morning – but rather am choosing to sleep in a bit before going to my daughter’s gymnastics class at 10 am.
  4. Losing 2 hours of sleep per night (10 hours per week) means I am much more tired overall than I used to be just a month ago.
  5. My right shoulder hurts after picking up a baby and tossing him around like a rag doll. Apparently my muscles are too old for that shit.

All this means I have to adjust and find a way to get it all in.

My first order of business is to plan my meals ahead of time. Since I am free Saturday afternoon and Sunday, I need to cook, and organize my meals into portions for the week. This will solve 2 problems – I will save money by not buying all my meals out and I will have better control of my food intake.

In addition, I need to not allow plans to do other things stop me from getting at least a good 30-minute workout in. That means I’m going to start scheduling my workouts, like I schedule doctors appointments.

That’s it for now. I’m learning to gather myself and my priorities and to work toward my goals, under new and challenging situations. That’s how success works.


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