Listening To Our Bodies

Remember that time I lost 8 pounds in a week? And remember that I said it would balance out the following week? Well, that is exactly what occurred.

This past week I lost 1.4 pounds, bringing me to 198.4.

I’m okay with that. You have to remember, any loss is a good thing.

I had a few days when I was starving and couldn’t eat enough and I only worked out twice.

Our bodies are different every day. Some days we are extra hungry. Some days we don’t want to eat at all. Sometimes we only have the energy to workout for 20 minutes. Some days we wanna run 10 miles. We have to listen to what our bodies are telling us.

Ask yourself, “What does my body need today?”


If it answers, “cookie dough”, you know its just bs-ing you and to look a bit deeper.  But if it says, “I really need some rest”, then listen to that and just go for a walk and do some yoga. Or if it says, “I need a bit extra fuel today”, then have that second (healthy) dinner. Hell, I did. Just don’t make those voices tell you the same thing every day – that’s where bad habits are formed.

Asking yourself, “Am I hungry, thirsty, or just bored”, before gorging on a plate of fried chicken could be the difference between going just with what your belly is telling you and learning what your body really needs at any given time. Your first instinct is usually the right one, but don’t be afraid to question it.

Have a terrific week!



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