Celebrate the Small Victories

So, when I decided to get back on the healthy train, I felt it was important to create  mini goal. Yes, I had 58 extra pounds to take off, but jut having that as a long term goal was not going to suffice. I needed short term goal that I could achieve more easily. Just like I tell my clients – break your long-term goal into smaller goals and reward yourself as you reach them.

I started this at 207.8 pounds. So, my first goal was to get under 200 pounds.


Small Victories

To get there, I went back to what I knew was right – a paleo diet. I rehashed my eating by cutting out the fast food and ll the carbs, only eating when I was truly hungry, and only eating until I was nearly full, not a bite more.

I also worked out 4 times. I increased my movement throughout the day at my job by using the restroom at a higher or lower floor and taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

After one, I got on the scale yesterday and almost fell out.



I got off, reset the scale, and tried again.


I hadn’t done any extreme workouts. I had even till I was satisfied, but was never hungry. I expected a 3 pound loss, yet here I was with an 8 pound victory. Holy shit Batman!

Now, I’m gonna tell you, much of this was likely water weight, and I’m sure net week’s loss will not be so dramatic. And as a trainer, I must tell you that 2.5 pounds is the absolute max you should strive for when losing weight.

But still man, it felt friggin awesome! I had been sitting at 202 for months. For some reason, when I hit that 207.8, it knocked my into my correct senses. And now, here I am, under 200 pounds again, for the first time this year. I feel GREAT (insert Tony The Tiger voice here)!

My plan is to keep doing what I am doing. My hope is I lose 2.5 pounds next week, but my new goal is to get into the 180s.

Small steps, ya’ll. Small steps


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