Inspiration #95 – Persistence

We all talk about “never giving up” don’t we? We talk a good game, trying to motivate others to keep moving forward. When things are going well, we are all so gung ho about the importance of persistence.

But it’s not so easy when things are going downhill, is it?


This year I’ve been working hard to make strides toward a better life, and at every single turn, something has come and punched me in the gut.

One of those things is my career. After much research and analysis, I realized that the only way for me to move forward is to get my MS degree. I applied and got into a terrific, low-cost program. I was excited to be starting classes in two weeks and was about to order my books. All was looking great!

Then, this morning, I received an email from the federal government stating they will not longer provide me with student loans for my graduate degree. Reading that email, my heart sank. That meant I will need to come up with the nearly $13,000 on my own to obtain this Masters Degree. I was not expecting this and have no idea where I’m getting that extra money this year. Thing is, without it, there is no growth for me. I cannot get a better job, I cannot do what my heart desires so badly – to help people get healthy – in a full-time capacity.

And that’s not all. If you know me in person, you know that life has been piling on a load of personal issues that have been trying to knock me on my ass for months. The weight on my shoulders is quite heavy right now.

One of the things I want in life is to have a career that matters; one that helps others make positive changes in their lives. Why is that so difficult? Why would the world want to stop me from doing that?

I could sit here, wallowing in my own pity party, and be totally justified.

I could drown myself in the loneliness of the situation.

I could write about the despair I feel about everything around me falling apart. I mean, I am at the bottom of the barrel.

But I won’t do any of those things. And this is where the “Never Give Up” needs to come in.

Instead of dwelling on the negative, I will focus on what is good:

  • My daughter is healthy, happy, and doing well in school.
  • I’ve been going to the gym again and my body seems to be finally recovering from the multitude of injuries I’ve sustained this year.
  • I still love personal training and teaching fitness classes. The compliments I’ve gotten from my students really make it worth while.
  • I have a roof over my head. I’m not seriously ill or missing any limbs.

Instead, I will take action. Whether than means getting a third job, starting a Go Fund Me page, talking to my employer about education benefits. Whatever it takes.

And that is what persistence is. This is what not giving up means. When you are on that road, and a tree falls and blocks your way – do what you need to do. Climb over, walk around, or even crawl under if you have to. But don’t stop moving forward simply because there is a tree in your way. Nothing worth anything will come to us easily. But when you know your direction, when you know your path is the correct one, stay on it. Because the harder it is, the more rewarding reaching your goals will be. And THAT is the gold and the end of the rainbow.

How is life challenging you right now? How are you proving your persistence?


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