40 Is The New…

40 is the new

Today I am celebrating my 40th birthday!

Where did all the time go? I swear yesterday I was going to PS 11, getting harassed by the boys to take my shirt off as a 5th grader. I remember yelling at my Italian language teacher, and making out with a cute guy at the bottom of one of  the staircases at Brooklyn Tech. There have been many jobs, great trips, and what I love the most – so many awesome people. There’s very little I would change.

40 Is The New…


Hanging in BK

…Age of knowing who you are.

I am who I am today because of the experiences I’ve had over the course of my life. I feel, as a 40 year old, I’ve learned so much about the world and about who I am, that I actually know who I am now. That is worth more than any money someone could offer me.

 40 Is The New…



…Age of being fearless.

I am no longer afraid of doing what scares me. I know that in life we must take risks. I want to live, not just survive. And I am doing that, big and small. Its a time of making decisions and doing the things that may seem impossible to come out in front of.

40 Is The New…


…Age of loving who you are.

I am beautiful. I have downward slanting eyes, a large nose that could inhale the Mohave desert, and one eyebrow is much higher than the other. Still. I am beautiful.

I put my body through the ringer but it still keeps going. Changes may need to be made. Time may have to go by. But my body is stronger than it will ever be.

My mind may sometimes forget and freeze on me, but I can still do complex math problems in my head.

So while being 20-something is great. And turning 30 makes you feel like a real adult, there is a freedom I think to being 40. To not allowing the BS to get to you. To knowing how to handle the things we may not have handled well 15 years prior. There is a value in that, in learning, in growing, in aging – wisely.

40 Is The New…


…Loved. Strong. Smart. Funny. Eclectic. Energized. And most of all.

Free to be ME.


One thought on “40 Is The New…

  1. Renée says:

    Have a very happy 40th birthday Irene! Miss seeing you! I will be back next week! Hope all is well? Again, all the best! Have a wonderful birthday! Enjoy everything! Love, Renée xoxo


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