Back To Back

So if you read this post from my other blog this morning, then you already know the situation I am in. If not, here’s a summary:

I have what the doctor believes is a herniated disc, so I am on the shelf for the next 2 weeks while we wait to confirm that diagnosis through MRI.

back injury

I am on steroids for the inflammation and he gave me OXYCODONE for the pain. I took one of the latter and decided against taking any more. Not only did the OXY not relieve my pain much, but it made me loopy and I don’t like that feeling so i don’t feel it’s worth the risk. OXYCODONE is HIGHLY addictive and is the most abused prescribed medicine out there. So no need to take it if its not doing hat its supposed to do anyway.

I have been ordered to rest for 2 weeks, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be laying on my butt or the next 14 days. I am going to find a restorative yoga practice in an effort to strengthen my back and increase flexibility. I will also be doing VERY light weights workouts and walking.

Once the diagnosis is confirmed and hopefully it is determined that physical therapy is the treatment (some people need surgery, lets hope I’m not one of those), then I will be adding some swimming to my recovery workout program.

Recovering from an injury – any injury – is part rest, part restorative actions – be it stretching, strength training, or just basic movement. It depends on what your injury is and how it affects you.

Question: Have you ever had to recover from a major injury? How did you do it?


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