Inspiration #85 – Being You

inspiration, true self, the real you

Photo credit: Sean Pendergrass (click photo for Sean’s photography page)


When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see the real you, or what you have been conditioned to believe is you? The two are so, so different.

One is an infinite consciousness capable of being and creating whatever it chooses, the other is an illusion imprisoned by it’s own perceived and programmed limitations. – Dick Icke

This is such an epic battle. Being the real you or being the version that society, friends and family want to see. You can be either, or a combination of both. It depends on how brave you want to be in your life.

Question: Do you like what you see in the mirror? Do you find the real you is an inspiration?


One thought on “Inspiration #85 – Being You

  1. Patricia says:

    Most people can’t help but notice their flaws each and every time they face the mirror. Liking what we see in the mirror is a major step towards self-acceptance and embracing our individuality. 🙂


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