Fitness Goals for 2015

Gym woman

Monday, on my other blog, I discussed what I wanted to accomplish in 2015 with my events – goals specific to running, triathlon, and obstacle racing. Yesterday I talked about my goals as a fitness professional – targeting ways to build my brand and expand my network and skill set.

Today’s goals focus on my overall fitness levels.

  • Reduce body fat to 19-20%.
  • Lose 10 inches overall.
  • Complete 100 good form push ups at one time by September 30.
    • 20 by February 28
    • 40 by April 30
    • 60 by June 30
    • 80 by August 15
  • Perform 25 good form pull ups at one time by September 30.
    • 5 by February 15
    • 10 by April 30
    • 15 by June 30
    • 20 by August 15
  • Squat 150 pounds for a count of 10.
    • 75 pounds by February 28
    • 90 pounds by April 30
    • 105 pounds by June 30
    • 120 pounds by August 31
    • 135 pounds by October 31
  • Hold a plank for 3 minutes by September 30.
    • 1-minute by February 28
    • 90-seconds by April 30
    • 2-minutes by June 30
    • 150-seconds by August 15
  • Bench press 3/4 of my body weight.
  • Perform advanced yoga poses.

Please notice that I did not mention losing weight. I am at a point where yes, losing 25 more pounds would be great, but those are just numbers to me. Right now I am much more concerned with my body composition and strength. It’s time for me to focus on losing body fat and increase lean muscle mass. That means the scale may not go down as much as I may want it to (for vanity’s sake), but if the shape of my body changes and I become more fit, then who cares. So for the next few months, I’m pretending I don’t even own a scale.

Also notice that I gave myself A LOT of time to reach these goals. To many people want to get to their “end point” in 90 days and be done. Fitness is not a destination, it’s a journey. Rushing to get somewhere causes injuries and decreases the reality of maintaining a healthy lifestyle n the long run. Slow and steady is the preferred pace. And honestly, I will probably reach these goals a lot sooner than I posted here. But at least I’ve given myself some wiggle room.

That’s it for now.

Do you have any overall fitness goals you want to share?


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