Workout of the Week #47

Workout of the Week

Hey all!

This will be my last weekly workout for awhile. I figure 52 workouts give you a lot of options and opportunities to be bad ass so check out the Workouts page, and start them from #1 in January.

In the meantime, here it is, the last weekly workout of 2014 and it is a ballet inspired workout that focuses on the gluts. Just 3 moves, but trust me, you will feel it after just one round.

Remember you want  to warm up, stretch, and do at least 15 minutes of cardio before doing this strength training workout!

You are to do each exercise 10 times. Go!

  • Fire Hydrant Kick (right)
  • Fire Hydrant Kick (left)
  • Toe Bridge Butterflies
  • Arabesque (right)
  • Arabesque (left)

Repeat the circuit 5 times. Stretch one last time and you are done working out for the day. How awesome is that?

I will, from time to time, post more workouts, but probably not on a consistent basis now that my Ironman training has commenced. I’ll see you in 2015!!

Question: what were your top 3 favorite workouts of 2014?


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