Workout of the Week # 46

Workout of the Week

The next to last workout I will be posting this year and it’s a fun one. In reality, it’s not really a workout, but more of a challenge. /it consists of several moves combined into one exercise.

This move is called the Double Push Up, Double Leg Raise Prisoner Get Up Burpee.

Say that three times super fast. I bet you can’t!

Yeah, this is a complicated move, which is why there is video below. Check it out.

Now to do this challenge, you just need to do this move 10 times in a row, take a 60-second break, then do it 10 more times, and after another 60 -second break, do it another 10 times. That’s 30 times total. Time yourself, see how quickly you can do it.

This move is not only cardio, it combines upper body strength training (push ups) with core work (dual leg raises), and lower body strength work (standing with no hands).

Can you do it? I bet you can.

Question: What was your best/favorite workout this week?


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