Workout of the Week # 50

Workout of the Week

This weeks workout is so much fun,  I cannot contain myself.

How about some KICKBOXING!!! This is a very elementary sequence built for those who are not familiar with kickboxing as a workout routine. Getting the moves down will take practice, but that is okay. The point is for you to move your body, not look pretty and perfect. You can do this with a bag, if you have access to one, or in the air with some music playing (I like both). Using the bag will have your arms really sore the next day. I’ve provided some links to how to do these moves properly, but don’t get bogged down in that. The main safety precaution I can give you is don’t kick or punch 100% because you can pull a muscle that way. Bring it to about 90% and retract.

Upper Body

  • 8x Right Jab
  • 8x Right Cross
  • 8x Right Hook
  • 8x Right Uppercut
  • 8x Left Jab
  • 8x Left Cross
  • 8x Left Hook
  • 8x Left Uppercut

Lower Body


  • Right Jab, Right Cross, Right Front Kick, 2 Right Knees (8x)
  • Left Jab, Left Cross, Left Front Kick, 2 Left Knees (8x)
  • Right Crescent Kick, Right Jab, 2 Right Hooks, Right Uppercut (8x)
  • Left Crescent Kick, Left Jab, 2 Left Hooks, Left Uppercut (8x)

Once you’ve completed the routine, take a break, then do it all again!

Question: What was your favorite workout this week?


2 thoughts on “Workout of the Week # 50

  1. Diatta @ Femme Fitale Fit Club says:

    Ha my favorite workout this week? I would have to say my raise the bar workout with my personal trainer. It is a series of exercises and you have certain counts and reps of each one. The goal is to finish all of the sets in 30 minutes so you are just going and going in a nice little circuit. I’ll be posting on my blog today sometime even if it is late (like most of my posts have been this week. LOL. Great workout as always. #wowlinkup


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