Starting with Evolve Functional Fitness

As an Ambassador for Fitfluential, I am blessed to have opportunities to try out new (to me) products and services within the health and fitness industry. This time I am going to be testing out Evolve Functional Fitness, a website dedicated to creating personalized fitness plans, and providing nutrition tips to it’s members. I was provided with a free 60-Day Membership as part of my review for this site, however, the membership generally costs $7.99 per month.

Evolve Profile

Side note: Just because I am in the fitness industry, does not mean I pretend to know everything about exercising and eating right. No way Jose! I am always trying to learn new ways to workout and different ways to eat and cook. If your trainer thinks they have nothing left to learn, find a new trainer. No one’s ego should be that big.

I chose the more advanced Evolve II plan because since I am a fitness instructor and trainer, I’m already pretty fit. Therefore I needed a program that would give me that extra UMPH I’m looking for to get to the next level of my fitness journey. I’m only 1 day in and I already like that I can chose my trainer, music, and days of the week I want to work out. It provides enough personalization to make it feel like my own. #winning

As part of my review, I’m will be posting a weekly update on my progress, and sharing with you via Instagram and Twitter, some of Evolve’s nutrition and fitness tips (and they are good ones).

Why not join me in testing Evolve out? Sign up now and your first 30 days are FREE.


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