Kids Roc Obstacle Race

On September 7th, my 7 year-old daughter, Olivia, completed her 2nd obstacle race of the year. If I had known she was so eager to do them, I would have entered her into more.


This is her “I’m gonna beat this bitch into the ground” face. LOL!

With all the races she’s done, Olivia prefers the obstacle races instead of just straight running. I think I’m raising a little Spartan.

This race was held in Staten Island.

Yes, I said Staten Island. Don’t even start. I lived there for several years. It’s not THAT bad. Really, it’s not.


This is a real obstacle race. Climbing, crawling, running, and hoping you don’t fall. Lots of kids were falling. Lots of kids were crying. But as long as they finished, that was the important thing. Too bad there was no mud.

the start

On your mark. Get set…


My little racer may have been almost last, she completed all of the obstacles while other kids skipped a bunch. Go all in or go home!

Olivia loves this type of event so as long as I can I’m going to enter her into these races. When you find something your child enjoys, take advantage of it. Especially if its something that will keep them active and healthy. That’s how you promote a fit lifestyle.


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