The Fitness Games App – Product Review

Product Reviews

(I was provided with the upgraded version of this app free to review as a member of the Sweatpink community. The opinions below are my own.)



This month I was provided with the opportunity to review a great new app, the Fitness Games, which is now available from from iTunes for Apple products and on Google Play for Android devices.


The app comes with a simple interface which allows you to compete against yourself, friends, or strangers while completing workouts to help get you fit. You can post videos and photos while working out, and also check the points rankings to see who is on top.


There are 3 things I love about this app.

  • First is the fact that of course, its portable. You can do these workouts anywhere, at any gym you have access too. And there are workouts that you don’t need a gym at all.
  • Second, it creates a growing community by allowing you to challenge someone on the other side of the world, a local stranger, or one of your fitness freak friends. How’s that for building a global healthy lifestyle community.
  • Thirdly, all of the exercises are shown to you in video, so you can see how to do them correctly. What’s better than that?


The only negative I see with this app in its current form is that you will not get credit for the workout unless your challenge partner completes theirs as well. So, for every workout you do, you have to make sure the other person is going to complete the workout. If not, you could do workout after workout and not get credit for it. So choose your challengers carefully.


A way to avoid this is to simply challenge yourself. You will only get 25 points per workout, as opposed to 350 or more when you challenge others, but if your goal is to just get some workouts in, that won’t matter.

My favorite workouts were the 3 Bodyweight Madness workouts that I was able to do outdoors, with no equipment necessary. And they meant it when they said madness, cause at the end of it, I looked like this:


For the price, I have to say that this is a pretty cool app. The free version gives you access to 3 workouts in 3 categories. For $0.99 you will have access to 6 workouts. For $1.99, you can access 16 total workouts, not including the additional ones you can buy. What’s even more awesome is that you can create your own workout and challenge someone else to do it. This could be a good app for a Personal Trainer, in conjunction with other tools.

I will continue to use this app, especially when I am too lazy to write up my own workouts, or when I am traveling. Simply put, it’s a fun and useful tool to have if you are into leading a fit lifestyle. It makes working out with others a virtual experience, therefore taking some of the solitude of working out alone, out of the equation. I give this app an A-.


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