No More Negative Self-Talk


Good morning all!

I talk a lot about being positive, about letting go of the things in life that bring you down. But what if its “you” who is bringing you down?

Recently, I reconnected with some old friends who love to share the compliments.

“You look great, Irene.”

“You are so beautiful.”

But whenever someone says something like this to me, it’s always, “thanks, but…”.

“I want a nose job.”

“I need to lose 20 more pounds.”

“I have a terrible ass.”

“These bags under my eyes make me look old.”

Oh my God, Irene..STOP IT!!!

That negative self talk I try so hard to diminish in others, I’ve discovered, has taken refuge in my own head.

When did that happen???

I’ve been working so hard to get rid of the negative influences in my life, that I didn’t realize I had become one of them. I’ve been perpetuating one of my own much hated vices. I cannot explain how sad that makes me. The last 5 years have been an amazing journey of self-discovery and pushing myself past self-imposed limitations. Yet all I can seem to focus on is what I still need want to change.

Whatever happened to celebrating the successes in life? To enjoying the little accomplishments that take us from day to day?

I seem to have fallen away from that. But no mas.

I’ve decided to immediately cease and desist all negative self-talk from this moment forward. Instead, when someone compliments me, I will simply say “thank you” and move along.

Because I am strong.

and yes, I am even a bit beautiful.

And that, my friends, is what the focus in our lives should be on.

Tell me one awesome thing about yourself today?


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