The #BBFPushUpChallenge


So, you say you want to donate to the youth of America, but don’t have the time or the money for any big projects. Well, here at Be Buff Fitness, we have a plan. A plan so good, you can not only get to benefit the kids health, but get yourself a great back, chest and some guns at the same time! Win, win, win!

Here is the deal –

  • Post a video every day during September on Instagram of you doing proper form push ups – standard or modified. Do as many as you can in one set. (You won’t be able to post the entire set since you can only post 20 seconds worth of video on Instagram, but that’s ok.)
  • Label each video using the hashtag #BBFPushUpChallenge and post how many push ups you were able to do.
  • Then go to our Facebook Page where you will find a daily post for the challenge. Post the link to your daily video in the comments.
  • For every 7 videos posted, $1 will be donated to Action for Healthy Kids. So, the more people, the better.
  • And as a bonus: at the end of the month, the top 3 people participants who posted the most videos will win a prize valued at either $25, $50, or $150.

That’s it. pretty easy. The challenge starts on Monday, September 1st, which also happens to be Labor Day. What a great way to kick off Fall.

So, who is in???? You know I am!


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