Workout of the Week # 39

Workout of the Week

This week we are tightening and building muscles, specifically, the arms and shoulders. It’s all about our biceps, triceps, and deltoids. The best way to build strength and increase muscle mass (even just a little), is to workout in supersets. A superset is when you do two or more exercises back-to-back without a rest in between. It is very important to rest the muscles for a day or two after this workout to allow the muscles to recover. That recovery is when their strength occurs.

All you need for this workout is a pair or weights, or even kettlebells. Click on the links below to see the proper way to perform each exercise. First exercise is for biceps, second exercise is triceps. Do a count of 10-12, then go directly into the next exercise of the set.Then take a 30-second break before moving onto the next set.

10-12 reps of each, then go directly to the next exercise for another 10-12 reps. Then take a 30-second rest before repeating. Each superset will be performed 3 times, total.

Superset 1

Superset 2

Superset 3

The day after this workout, your arms are going to feel like jello. LOL! That’s normal.

What was your favorite workout this week?


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