Workout of the Week # 33

Workout of the Week

If you are like me, you suffer from aches and pains and minor injuries because of your workout schedule. The key is to allow your body to recover while getting a good workout in. That’s where  am right now. I am suffering from some minor Plantar Fascitis, so I am doing my best to allow that to heal while still burning calories at the gym. Yesterday I did an hour of full body weight training, but I really need some cardio so I decided today to spend some time in the pool.

If you are not a swimmer, you need to go out and become one. Seriously. Swimming is one of the few sports in which injuries are extremely rare (mostly consisting of shoulder overuse injuries). Swimming is low impact, can be done outdoors or indoors (in a pool, lake, or whatever), and in a terrific form of exercise.

This week’s workout is a water-based workout that assumes you can do the most basic of swim strokes – the crawl. Please note that some pools are 50 or 25 meters, others  are 50 or 25 yards. You will need a kick board and pull buoy for this workout.

Warm up:

  • 250 meters slow crawl.

Workout Drills:

Repeat set 10 times, for a total off 1000 meters.

Cool down:

  • 250 meters slow crawl

Don’t forget to stretch afterward, especially your shoulders and your hips.

What was your favorite workout this week?


7 thoughts on “Workout of the Week # 33

  1. The Frugal Exerciser says:

    I had to give up running because of plantar fascitis and I took up biking. Back then (1995) I was teaching 8 classes a week plus running 5 days a week, it was too much for my body and I had to scale way back. I’m glad your case is minor. #wowlinkup


  2. Amanda H says:

    I finally learned to swim properly for the first time last year. It’s such a great workout but I’m still terrible. Need to get in the pool more! #wowlinkup


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