Family Fit Brunch: June

On Saturday, June 14th I was one of the sponsors for the Family Fit Brunch, held at Decatur Middle School in Brooklyn’s BedStuy neighborhood. It was the first of a monthly series which will take place in various areas of Brooklyn, NY, hosted by Baobab Wellness founder, Krishna Davenport .

Tasha Mitchell from Analog Media, myself, and Krishna, before the event.

Tasha Mitchell from Analog Media, myself, and Krishna, before the event. (I’m wearing the ElevenByVenus Miss Hit Capris & Down the Line Razor Tank.)

The series is meant to promote a healthy lifestyle to families, particularly those with young children. The idea is that parents and children can both learn to understand what healthy living means – by eating right, to exercising and moving daily – and that includes mental health as well.

As the fitness sponsor for this event, I held a 20-minute cardio kickboxing class which everyone could get involved in. It was fun and showed people that you don’t have to spend hours in a gym in order to get in a good workout.

The kids, ranging from 18 months to 10 years old, preferred using the tools I brought: a 10 pound medicine ball, an agility ladder, and a set of resistance bands. They were curious to see how they worked and what they could do with them.

After the workout, Krishna and Chef Anthony discussed what living a Paleo lifestyle means and how you can achieve optimal health by eliminating processed, unnatural foods.

Chef Anthony from Paleo Phenom created these delicious treats – Banana Nut Muffins, Avocado Salsa, in addition to Mini Veggie Omelets.

And finally, Reiki Master Carol held a Reiki Circle to promote whole body and mental well being. First she explained the benefits of Reiki and why it’s so important for overall health. Then each member was instructed to clear their minds and go to a place of calm while Carol gave them an energy massage.  It was a very relaxing moment and a wonderful way to end a great event


Thanks to all of the sponsors:

Vita Coco Kids


Paleo Phenom


4 thoughts on “Family Fit Brunch: June

  1. Jordan says:

    wow, this event really looks great and it’ so good to get families involved. What I like most is how it isn’t JUST physical health you all were educating about!


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