Checkup On My 2014 Goals!

On December 31st of 2013, I wrote down some goals I’d like to accomplish in various all aspects of my life. At the end of January, I added a few more. Now that it is 6 months later ya’ll, it’s time we sit back and take stock in what we had planned and how far we have to go over the next 6 months.


Green means I have reached that goal. Yellow means I am close to reaching that goal. Red means I won’t be attempting that goal. And black means I am only in the beginning stages of that goal.


  • Since I joined the 14 in 2014 Challenge, I will be completing 14 races next year. (10 down, only 4 to go)
  • Complete a sub 30-minute 5K. (Reached on 12/31/2013)
  • Build a solid base for the half-ironman distance triathlon. so I can finish it in less than 7 hours.

    • Be able to run (not walk) the entire 13.1 half-marathon distance. – (Reached on 3/22/2014)
    • Complete a half-marathon in under 2:11:00. – (current PR is 2:23:00)
    • Complete a 1.2 mile pool swim in under 32 minutes. (current PR is 27 minutes, reached on 4/09/2014)
    • Complete a 1.2 mile open water swim in under 35 minutes. (currently at 1:17)
    • Complete a 56-mile bike ride in under 3.75 hours.
  • Complete 3 triathlons, including my first Olympic distance triathlon.


  • Earn 2 more certifications (TRX is complete, Pre/Post Natal Fitness will be complete in August)
  • Renew CPR certification.
  • Complete my MS in Sports and Health Sciences. (not gonna happen this year)


  • Earn more money
    • Have at least 15 hours per week for personal training booked consistently.
    • Work at least 10 hours per week teaching Group Fitness classes. (currently at 5 hours per week)

    Find a sponsor for my races.

    • Work toward some Ambassadorships – (Achieved 5 ambassadorships by 6/30/2014)
    • Book at least 3 speaking engagements.
    • Have at least 6 articles published. – (1 down, 5 to go)
  • Book at least 3 speaking engagements.

As you can see, I am not really where I want to be at this point in the year, but I am getting closer. I really need to work on my business goals a lot more. What slowed me down was waiting for the new blog to be set up. That took 60 days longer than I expected it to. But now that summer is here, I need to bear down and get to work!

I have goals other than these, including my own personal fitness and body goals, but I will keep those to myself for awhile longer.

So how are your 2014 goals coming along?


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