Friday Instagrab: The Bike


If you missed my Instagram this week, then you missed a MAJOR purchase. On Tuesday I put a down payment on this beautiful Trek Speed Concept 2.5 triathlon bike. It’s the 2012 model, but I don’t care. It’s perfect.And for $1,299 it better be.

When I tried it out, I couldn’t believe the different between it and my bike store Schwinn Hybrid bike. So smooth, easier to switch gears. I am truly in love. Now I just have to pay this baby down.

A couple of people have said to me that it does the same thing as a regular bike. Yeah, they aren’t cyclists. I don’t think people understand the difference between various bikes. The streamlined frame, the narrower tires, the more aerodynamic fork. This thing is built for speed. I can feel proud going into Ironman 70.3 with this bike and know Ive done everything I can to do well.

Have you made any awesome purchases lately?


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