Best of the Bloggies: May Edition

Best of the Bloggers

Hi all!

May had a hell of a lot of great posts by incredible bloggers. So many of us are starting the busy part of our race seasons and I am really enjoying reading all of your recaps, in addition to everything else.

1 – Expectations and Accountability

Ok, so even though this one was published on April 28th, I didn’t find it until May 7th. To my dismay, for a long time I had forgotten that Josie wrote a blog. And a terrific one at that. I am so glad I found it again, because this post spoke words so true, they could have come from the Lord of Fitness himself.

2 – Why I Refused to Put a Shirt on For Shape

Admittedly, I don’t read Brooke’s blog often, but that is about to change! After reading this post published on May 2nd, I have a new respect for this beautiful, young woman and you will too. She refuses to bow down to shaming. I wish we were all that brave.

3 – Mastering the Art of Self-Negotiation

On May 29th,  Mark at Mark’s Daily Apple wrote an amazing post about how people will negotiate themselves into making bad choices.

4 – Teen Tennis Stars Success Is a Powerful Argument Against Body Shaming

Not a blog post, but an article from Huffington Post that I could not and would not ignore, because it is a testament to believing in oneself, determination, and proving others wrong.

Question: What were your favorite posts this  month from your favorite bloggers?


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