#TeamElevenByVenus: The Honor is Mine

I have something so exciting to tell you!!!

I just found out that I am officially a Brand Ambassador for EleVen By Venus active wear line. Let me tell you why this is so damned awesome!

Venus Williams

EleVen by Venus was founded by tennis phenom, Venus Williams, one of the most dynamic female athletes of our time. She embodies strength, commitment, and a love of movement. There are few people who I would stand behind in this world, and Venus Williams is one of those people.

I’ve been “window” shopping the line for a while, and below are the things I cannot wait to get!


Inside Out Tank – $60

Over Ruled Tank – $58


Tie Dye Power Capri – $49

Power Shorts – $44

I’ll tell you something about me, I am not not one who is comfortable in fancy printed pants. Nor am I comfortable in shorts. However, sometimes I need to live outside of my comfort zone, and these two bottoms would fill that need perfectly.

I am so honored to be a part of this great brand and #TeamEleVenByVenus. I want to give a big hug and say THANK YOU to Miss Carla Birnberg for letting me in on this great opportunity.


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