Shopping for Tri: Shoes

collageYesterday I went and bought bike shoes. I love them. But let me start at the beginning…

I knew that Mother’s Day was coming up and that I would need to choose a gift for the hubs to get me. I knew I either wanted bike shoes or a bike trainer. I don’t get out on my bike as much as I would like. First off, I’m afraid of riding in the streets. I ride alone and don’t want to risk getting hit by a car. Secondly,  there aren’t many good routes unless I ride in a park, but I’d have to get to the park so I’d have to drive there or get on the bike and ride there…in the streets…uh, no.

Anyway…I decided on the shoes, since I could also use them in spin class. See, I’m smart. I be thinking. LOL!

So while I was in Long Island, I stopped by one of the 3 bike shops I know of, Brands Cycles in Wantagh. I came upon Scott Corzo who helped me with everything. Let me tell you, he is an amazing listener! He never once pressured me to buy anything I didn’t need. He simply listened to what I saying as I rambled on and on, and he didn’t make me feel stupid for my lack of knowledge. I liked him.

Hey Scott…

Scott explained to me the difference between the main types of bike shoes, mountain bike, road bike, and the more specialized triathlon shoes; so I thought I would share them my new found knowledge with you.

Mountain Bike Shoes

  • Cleats are recessed into the sole (this gives you the ability to walk in them if you need to)
  • Heaviest of the 3
  • Shoes may come with laces or straps

Road Bike Shoes

  • Extremely stiff sole provides more power
  • Lighter than mountain bike shoes
  • Lack of traction means you should NOT walk in them

Triathlon Shoes

  • Generally they are the lightest of the 3
  • Only meant for riding so no walking in these at all
  • Have drainage holes for when your feet are wet after the swim, allowing your feet to dry faster.

After considering my options, I decided to go with the best shoes possible for my purposes, the triathlon shoes. I picked these 2 pairs to try on:

Louis Garneau Tri X-Lite

Shimano SH-TW60

I had heard good things about both of these brands before. I mean, if the pros can use them, then I’m sure they’d be suitable for little ‘ole me.

The first pair I slipped on were the Garneau. They were okay, but a little uncomfortable in the ankle when I flexed my foot. That’s important since the foot is flexed so much during a long ride. And they restricted my foot so much, I had no wiggle room in the toe area and THAT I did not like. I wasn’t sold.

However, as soon as I slipped on the Shimano, I knew that was the shoe. It was comfortable from go. My toes had room to move, my ankle didn’t have any restriction, it was awesome!

That was that. I bought them that instant. But alas, I wasn’t done. I had to buy the pedals (clips came with the shoes). Again, Scott game me several options and I went with B, not the cheapest, not the most expensive. There…done!

Scott was even nice enough to install the clips onto my shoes and he told me if I had trouble installing the pedals, just bring my bike in and they would place them for me. God, do I love good customer service!

So, when Scott finally gave me the price of the shoes, I was like…ooookkaaayyyyyyy!

They cost $250 plus tax.

Oh, are you okay? Hold on there, let me help you off the ground.

Yeah, I know that’s a lot of money. But remember, they were an early Mother’s Day gift, so I didn’t pay for them.

That’s right, the shoes were free!

High-Fives All Around!

All I paid for were the pedals. Holla!

So that great experience just really solidified the amazing day I had. I awoke in a mood so good I could poop rainbows and now this? I was batting a thousand. Now if only the Yankees were playing tonight…

Question: Have you have any great and surprising shopping experiences? Ever received any great fitness related gifts?


8 thoughts on “Shopping for Tri: Shoes

    • Irene says:

      Laura, you are so right. Thing is, I was looking into a new bike. This place is a bit costly, but I would rather spend 1-2% more on a purchase like that and have great service than spend less and have terrible service.


  1. Amanda says:

    Great shoes! I’m sure you’ll love them. I wear Shimano’s on my mountain bike. They are super comfy! Have fun breaking them in. Found you via the Tri talk link up.


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