30DaysSugarFree – Week 1 (aka HELL WEEK)

I didn’t blog much last week. I was in too deep a funk and since I don’t like to spread negativity, I spared you that.

I thought it was because Aunt Flow showed up on Monday, but I am a lucky woman since I don’t really get PMS.

Then I realized that I was craving sweets. See, last Friday I started the #30DaysSugarFree detox. I did it because I was doing so well following my paleo diet until January, when things went awry. I started eating ice cream, candy and drinking beer every day. It was ridiculous. I needed to stop this binge once and for all. I mean, having some ice cream in the summer is okay once in awhile, but daily for months? I don’t think so! So I decided to go cold turkey.

Well, my lack of added sugar resulted in several things:

This was me…

  • Headaches every day for the first 5 days

…so was this.

  • EXTREME moodiness. Okay one moment, wanting to kill someone the next.

…and this.

  • I was so depressed I wanted to cry. Seriously, I was questioning my own value. I felt like I was failing at life. I was doubting everything I was doing.

I didn’t know what to do. How is it that missing a little sugar could change a person’s attitude so drastically? What was I to do?

Welp, I just went about my daily routines, trying hard not to focus on the pit in my stomach. I put on my faux smile as I taught fitness classes and ran my errands. I worked out, trying not to think about anything but my run, or the weight I was lifting.

Fake it till you make it, right?

That’s what I did. All week long.

Turn to Friday…no more headaches.

And just like that, I was able to smile again – for real.

What in God’s name!!!


Question: Have any of you done a sugar detox? How did you survive?


17 thoughts on “30DaysSugarFree – Week 1 (aka HELL WEEK)

  1. coffeechick says:

    I’m gearing up to do this! A friend has done it twice and highly recommends it but she has Dedication with a capitol “D”! I love my sweets so much I’m so afraid I’ll quit :/
    Thanks for sharing your experiences, this will definatly come in handy when i take the plunge & do it!!


    • Irene says:

      Ha! I was afraid too cause I’m a sugar addict! But I decided that I am worth the effort. And trust me, the first week was TERRIBLE. But this second week so far has been a breeze. Except that I just went to the the bakery and bought cakes for a party. Damn, those cakes smelled good. LOL!


  2. Julie says:

    I’m sitting here reading all the comments while I eat a bowl of Raisin Bran Crunch(with stevia sprinkled on it cause it’s not sweet enough)! I’m so addicted to sweets that I shudder at the thought of a detox. I have been breaking out more than ever and I think it’s the reason. I need to start before the weather changes, tone up and clear up. Gotta quit talking about it and make the effort. Feeling bad for my family already.


    • Irene says:

      Julie – I am a strong believer in “you can do anything you set your mind to”. Only the first few days are tough, but then you get past it and its like sunshine and unicorns.


  3. GiGi Eats says:

    I actually have not eaten sugar in 12 years. I cannot eat sugar. If you need any help/tips/etc please do not hesitate to ask!!! 🙂 Roasted butternut squash is one of my favorite “sweets”!


  4. Cayanne says:

    Wow it’s really nice to see an honest blog post about going without sugar instead of the usual – I felt 100% bearer immediately! I would love to go sugar free for 30 days, but the thought of it makes me nervous! Are you cutting out just candy and ice cream and things or all products with sugar in them like bread, juice, etc.


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