…was April 2nd and I had a lot to take care of.

First of all, it was Autism Awareness Day.

autism awareness

Second, it was Olivia’s birthday. I know, I don’t talk about my child much here, but that’s because I like to keep her life private, unless it’s related to fitness, of course.

But still, here is the gratuitous pic of the birthday girl!

March 2 - Birthday 1

She only turned 7, but acts like she’s 17!

So, to honor both, I ran a virtual 5K race while wearing this race bib.

Autism Awareness Virtual 5K Race

I ran it in 32:08, which comes to s 10:16 pace. Not too shabby. Had some discomfort in that hip from the get go, but I expected that. Don’t worry, I’m getting to the doctor soon.


After that, I came home, ate lunch, then picked Olivia up from school and took her to a spa day. She had a mani and pedi, and chocolate facial.  Then we went to BounceU, where she ran, jumped, and slid for 2 hours. that’s a good birthday I think.

 How did you recognize Autism Awareness Day?


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