April Business Goals Check

Now that the 1st quarter of 2014 is over, let’s see where I am in regards to some of my goal achievements for this year.

Right now on top of training, the biggest thing I am doing is growing my business.

A large part of means increasing my social media presence. I had some good visitation in January, publishing 17 posts which brought 345 visitors to this little corner of the web. I had a major drop off in February, only publishing 9 posts, with only 114 visitors. In March I posted another 17 entries, bringing my visitors back up to 371.

Social Media

  • Have 500 unique visitors on the blog, currently at 374 (March)
  • Have 500 Twitter followers, currently at 312
  • Have 300 Instagram followers, currently at 99
  • Have 600 Facebook followers, currently at 356

The best way to increase all of these numbers is just to keep publishing posts regularly on the blog. I’m aiming for scheduling posts 5 days per week, which means my goal of April is 22. I don’t want to just publish crap either. I want to make sure there are going to be quality reading on this here blog, so the challenge is going to be to make sure I write stuff you guys want to read, share, and comment on (this post not included – LOL). That also means I need read and comment on your blogs too.

In addition to all that, I am changing my business. It’s going through a name change, new blog logo and design too. I will be offering online personal training and professional videos on my YouTube channel as well. And on top of all this, I am still training and teaching fitness classes, working toward my Pre/Post Natal certification, and I still need to eat, cook, and sleep. So yeah, I’m pretty busy.

So, if you have your own business, what are some of the goals you are working on?


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