Best of the Bloggies: March Edition

Hi all! I’m starting a new feature here called Best of the Bloggies. This is simply a list of my favorite blog posts that you wrote this month.

See, I do like to share!

1 – Two Steps To a Bathing Suit Body!

On March 20th Carla Birnberg wrote a terrific blog post why this headline is such bullshit. I’ve seen so much of it on Twitter lately that I’ve been unfollowing people who tweet or retweet this kind of crap. My response is normally just eat right and exercise, but Carla, as  usual, had the best take on it ever!

2. The Cost of Obesity

“People who give advice in cookie-cutter form, so vague it could be used for any situation, sickens me.” – Love this! I just found Dane’s blog a couple of days ago and read through it like it was the bible and the end of days were near. I love his take on things, simple, yet not so much. He is a man who is educated about his topics, but leaves his ego at the door.  This particular post was written in February, but since I just read it, thought I’d give it a shout out anyway.

3. When All You Want To Do Is Sit On the Couch

A terrific post on how to move from couch potato to workout spud! Mark’s posts are always pretty ling, but full of such great information.

4. Dear Guy At the Gym

Kelly Coffey is a formerly obese, now fit Personal Trainer. She is witty, honest, and educated. This post was written in January, but I just found it and loved it so whatever!


So,what were your favorite blog posts this  month?


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