Weekly Workout Recap

After last Saturday’s half-marathon, I took a day off from working out! Good thing too cause I could barely walk, none-the-less try to do any type of cardio. LOL!

On Monday, I couldn’t resist the gym so I did go and do some weights: just upper body (arms and back), but it was a good one. With the Spartan Race coming up in a little over a week, I need to focus on my upper body strength anyway. I also taught Step class that night.

By Wednesday, my hip felt 100% better. I did a quick HIIT workout and did some ab work.

Thursday, after teaching a SCULPT class at Lucille Roberts, I did a SPIN class with John over at the YMCA in Ridgewood. His class is so awesome! I really need to this class more often.


I did run on Friday, a quick 2 miler. Just to get my body back into the jist of it.  Since race season is now here, I have to be consistent with my running, even if it’s short mileage. Until I get to the doctor next week, I’m going to be taking it easy on my hips.

On Saturday I did a 20-minute HIIT workout.

On Sunday, I did about 15 minutes of HIIT. Then I met miss Raquel and went to Chelsea Piers to try out some sports. It was loads of fun!

Today I get back to the barbell, doing deadlifts, squats, lunges, and some arms work as well. This week I’ll add in a swim session or two. In 2 weeks, I need to start riding again. Triathlon time is coming closer and I need to prepare.

How was your week?


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