How Luvo Surprised Me – A Product Review

Product Reviews

Disclaimer: I heard about Luvo products and decided to try one of their frozen meals to review. I purchased this meal myself, was not compensated in any way by Luvo, and the opinions below are my own.

This is an interesting product review for me one 2 levels. The first is I am not a fan of frozen foods due to their generally high sodium content, and other ingredients I cannot usually pronounce. Secondly, I am paleo, therefor I try to only eat clean, whole foods.

However, to ignore the fact that there are sometimes situations in which a prepared meal is the best way to go (due to time constrictions, limiting locales, etc) would be disingenuous. So here I am reviewing a frozen food product from a company that boasts “healthy” prepared meals. We’ll see about that!

Luvo is a company whose mission is simply “to make it easy to make good choices by creating wholesome, nutritious meals that taste amazing”. According to their website, their main principles are:

  • Food Should Be Delicious.
  • Good Food Needs To Be Accessible.
  • Food Should Be Good For You.
  • Good Food Changes Everything.

I have to tell you, I agree with all of that. Yet sometimes it’s not so easy. The unexpected happens and no matter how well we may plan, as healthy eaters, we may find ourselves out on a limb food-wise.

Enter Luvo, a company that provides prepared food which it claims to be healthy and delicious. A healthy frozen meal is pretty difficult to find, since many of them have over 800mg of sodium, loads of artificial preservatives, all the other things healthy eaters try to avoid. Luvo promises that their food contains:

  • No high-fructose corn syrup
  • No artificial preservatives
  • No artificial flavors or colorings
  • No hydrogenated fats
  • No more than 500 calories per meal—and often much less
  • Less than 500mg sodium

They also state that their meat is supplied by farmers who do not use growth hormones or antibiotics.

I have to tell you, I’m impressed already. Without even tasting the food, it sounded as if Luvo really put a lot of thought into their products, with an understanding of what is best not only for the people who are going to eat the products, but for the way the products are grown and raised. For a prepared food company, this is a first.

But the real test is, how does their food taste? I really wanted to find out so I stopped by Target, grabbed a Luvo Farmer’s Market Frittata, which fit best into my paleo lifestyle, and set out to try it.

Nutritionally, this is a very good frozen meal, as you can see from the nutritional label below. Calories, Fat, Cholesterol, Sodium and Fiber are all in ranges you don’t normally see in frozen meals.

When I first set out to try to lose weight, I ate everything from Lean Cuisine to Weight Watchers meals. The first thing I noticed when I opened the Luvo box was the packaging was completely different from those other companies. Instead of plastic containers covered in cellophane, your meal comes in a paper wrapper, similar to parchment paper. If you read their website, you find out that their packaging is quite green: box made from recycled paperboard, pouch made from unbleached paper, printed with soy/waterless ink.

Um, hello, you are a prepared food company, not an earth-friendly non-profit! I started to think that the company was run by people wearing overalls, hemp shoes, and straw hats. But I digress, they just kept impressing me. As you can see, the cooking directions are printed right on the pouch.

Opening the pouch after heating, you can smell the sweetness of the mango immediately. Now, here’s a confession. I don’t like mango. And I generally only like my sweet potatoes oven fried.

Taking the food out of the pouch, the first thing I noticed is you can see every ingredient: the red & green peppers, mango and sweet potato were all identifiable. Look at those chunks.

This meal looks way more appetizing than most that come out of a box, doesn’t it? Not only did it smell great, but the texture was perfect. The eggs were cooked perfectly – tender and seasoned great. The vegetables were cooked through, but not at all mushy. The sweet potatoes still had a bite and the peppers were still a bit crunchy.

I’m sorry, but this is can’t be right. How can a frozen meal be tasty and healthy and come in green packaging? I don’t get it. What the hell does Luvo think they are doing?

What Luvo is doing is turning the frozen meal market on it’s head. What are other companies going to do to? There is no way Healthy Choice or Lean Cuisine can match the quality, taste, and production of the Luvo meals.

So, my final score? A+++! I can’t find anything negative to say about the Luvo frozen meal experience. From the packaging, to the ingredients, to the flavor, Luvo wins big time.  And they don’t only serve frozen meals. They make yogurt bars and have partnered with Delta Airlines (one of the 2 airlines I fly on) so you can purchase snacks and wraps while a mile in the air. Hello healthy in-flight food! Talk about joining the mile-high club.  🙂

So that should be enough to make Luvo a terrific company. But one final note – Luvo has also partnered with WhyHunger, and in 2013, they donated 50,000 meals to food banks across the USA.

Green packaging, healthy and tasty meals, and charitable too? This company’s business practices speak for itself. Good job Luvo!


2 thoughts on “How Luvo Surprised Me – A Product Review

  1. David Graham says:

    Hello Irene,

    You are so right about LUVO. They are all about great tasting and good for you prepared foods. I was their VP of Investor Relations for 3 years until November of 2014.
    If you did not know, this company was born out of the initial company called LYFE Kitchen Inc., a chain of very healthy food restaurants in the USA. LYFE stands for Love Your Food Everyday. The company was founded by Steve Sidwell of Vancouver, B.C. He first brought in Mike Roberts to run the restaurant division. Mike was with McDonalds for 30 years and ended his career with McDonalds as its President and COO. About 1.2 years ago LUVO (formerly called LYFE Kitchen Retail Inc.) hired Christine Day to be the new CEO. She is the past CEO of Lululemon (another Vancouver based company) and a former president with Starbucks in Seattle. But this is all Steve Sidwell’s vision and he is 100% responsible for the success of LUVO and LYFE Kitchen as they were both his ideas and overall vision… help people make better choices concerning their diet and the well being of the planet. All the best, David Graham


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