Business Tidbits….

I haven’t been posting much about my personal journey lately because I have been working on my business plan and trying streamline my target market base. Education and specialization is key to becoming a successful fitness and training professional so I need to focus on that part a little more.

Next Certification

I’m excited because this week I signed up for my last certification for 2014- Pre & Post Natal Exercise Specialist through AFPA. This will help me streamline my business specialty in working with women and children. Next year, I will go for Sports Conditioning, but for now, I need to focus on a market that needs special attention – pregnant women.

Upcoming Events

I’m attending a few conferences/expos this year that I’m really excited about. These will allow me to not only learn new skills, but also market myself to a slew of new connections.

On Friday I will be at the ECA/One Body One World trade show in NYC. I’ll be taking sessions in advanced Step, Kickboxing and Boot Camp so I can incorporate some new routines into my current classes.

I might be exhibiting at the Mamas Expo in Queens on May 4th. This will be a terrific event, particularly since I will be serving expectant mothers as part of my target market. I’m a bit freaked since this would be my first time as an exhibitor. I may also be doing a demo class for women and kids. We shall see. If anyone has been an exhibitor at an expo, please let me know. I could use some tips.

In November, I will be attending the Athletic Business Conference in Orlando.Last year’s event consisted of “Magic” Johnson as the Keynote Speaker, sessions on Leadership & Personal Development, Fitness Center Management, and NAYS seminars on Youth Sports (the latter being the most interesting to me).

Sadly, I cannot attend the IDEA World Fitness Conference in California in August.

Everywhere and Anywhere

I want to start a Boot Camp program this Spring. I’m still working on the details, but I would like it to culminate with boot camp participants taking the NYC Fitathlon Challenge in July.

In the summer I will be playing baseball again. I’m hoping to help the Coach market the league so we can have a lot more women playing. It was a blast last year and I learned a lot. It would be great if we could get some actual jerseys.

Are you a fitness professional running your own business? If so, what challenges are you facing? How are you growing?


2 thoughts on “Business Tidbits….

  1. Paul says:

    I’m pretty much on the same path as you as I’m attempting to start up a business, find venues to train and start the whole process in general. Glad that you’re staying motivated and willing to motivate others.


    • Irene says:

      It’s hard to stay motivated sometimes. But when you’ve see what others have done by working hard, it shows you that anything is possible. Thanks for visiting.


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