3 for 39

I’m turning 39 years old in 4 weeks. Yet, I feel as if I’m just getting started in life. Weird how that happens, eh?

Anyway, as an athlete, when it comes to birthday gifts, I don’t run toward the jewelry or the roses. Screw that. I want GEAR! I drool over things that will help me with my training and make my athletic life a little bit more enjoyable.

1. Waterproof iPod Shuffle

Waterproof iPod Shuffle Swimbuds Headphones Bundle – $165

For someone training for a triathlon, having the ability to go from swimming to biking to running without having to carry to many items is worth the price of admission to awesome-town! That includes having the opportunity to swim to my own music to keep me motivated. This waterproof MP3 players means I can go from swimming right to running without having to change gear!

2. Bike Trainer

Travel Trac Comp Mag + Trainer $149

Triathlon season is about to start and I need to get some time on the bike. However, I am terrified of riding on the streets (don’t want to become part of the pavement because of an impatient driver), so I’d really like an indoor cycling option.

3. Sport Sunglasses

Oakley Straight Jacket Polarized sport sunglasses – $130

Bottle Rockets Polarized sport sunglasses – $160

One of the issues I have with running and biking is the fact that not only does the sun get in your eyes, but so does debris. I am so looking forward to having some new, shatter proof sunglasses that will protect my eyes from both of those potentially dangerous calamities.

Poll: If you could have any 3 things that would help you live an active lifestyle, what would those 3 things be?


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