2014 Goal Check

I have shared some of my 2014 goals with you readers here, yet I’ve been reluctant in getting down deep and sharing the details. I guess I’m a bit afraid of not reaching them and then having to feel like I’ve let myself down. But if I get closer, that’s not really a fail, is it? Every step closer is one step I no longer have to take.

Remember, goals must be Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Time-bound.

So even though we are only 31 days into the new year, here’s the latest update, as some things have changed.

  • Since I joined the 14 in 2014 Challenge, I will be completing 14 races next year.
    • Registered for my next 4 races.
  • Complete 3 more triathlons, including my first Olympic distance triathlon.
  • Build a solid base for the half-ironman distance triathlon.
    • Be able to run (not walk) the entire 13.1 half-marathon distance. (current distance is 8 miles)
      • Complete a half-marathon in 2:17:56 2:20:00 or less.
    • Complete a 1.2 mile pool swim in under 32 minutes. (current PR is 33:15 minutes)
    • Complete a 56-mile bike ride in under 3 hours. That’s 18.7 miles per hour on average.
  • Earn 2 more certifications/maintain current certifications
    • TRX (qualification earned January 19th)
    • Pre and Post Natal Trainer
    • Weight Loss Specialist
    • Renew CPR/AED
  • Complete my MS in Sports and Health Sciences. (classes started on January 6th)
  • Find a sponsor for my races.
    • Work toward some Ambassadorships -Fitfluential, UA Women, etc. (working on increasing my followers on Twitter and the blog and my Likes on Facebook)
    • Book at least 3 speaking engagements.
    • Have at least 6 articles published.
  • Earn more money
    • Have at least 15 hours per week for personal training booked consistently.
    • Work at least 10 hours per week teaching Group Fitness classes. (currently at 6 hours per week)

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