Farting and Other Unfortunate Gym Incidents

Some unusual stories from the gym last week. Really, I wonder what other weirdness goes on in other gyms?

fartsOn Friday, after teaching 2 fitness classes, I decided to get a short strength training workout in. During the decline oblique crunches, I had so much terrible gas that no amount of holding in would do. At some point I let out a squeaky (and very stinky) fart. I stopped and looked around. I don’t think anyone heard it. It was after 8pm…only 5 people were there. Thank God! I continued on. Why is it that crunches give you the farts, I don’t know, but sheesh, that’s embarrassing.

Last week at the gym, someone else had an unfortunate incident where they must have pooped themselves after working out because they left a trail of poop-filled footprints from the locker room to the exit. Oh Em Gee! How hard do you have to be working out to poop yourself? Yikes!

Another day I watched as a young woman hastily ran out the front door of the gym after doing some BB Squats, and vomited all over herself. WTF? Is it really that dramatic? Really?

Question: Have you seen anything crazy at the gym?


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