Lululemon Surprised Me

Today I went into Lululemon Athletica at the Roosevelt Field Mall for the first time in a couple of years. I had not been a fan of the chain because of their apparent dislike of anyone over size 12. I mean, larger women also do yoga and run, so why not supply products to them as well. Even the most basic of athletic stores go up to size 16. But I digress…

I decided to check the store out again, now that I am a size 10, to see what was so special about their incredibly expensive athletic apparel. What I found was pretty awesome.

I walked into the store and immediately was drawn to their yoga gear. I am not a yogi at all, even though I do light yoga after my cardio workouts. Yet here I was, very much attracted to this beautifully crafted yoga jacket. It was a lovely blue color, featured 2 zippered pockets, thumb holes, and was made of a moisture wicking fabric. I particularly loved the cross-the-neck style. I wondered if it would be good for running, but after feeling the weight, decided against it. It was heavy.

Bhakti Yoga Jacket – $118

In the back of the store a woman at a counter asked me if I was looking for anything particular. I said nothing specific. She asked me what I do and I told her I was a runner. She quickly led me to these Speed Tights. Let me tell you, these pants appear to be nothing less than brilliant. Why? Because they feature EVERYTHING that I look for in a cold weather bottom.

Speed Tight Brushed – $98

  • Lined with a brushed fleece-like fabric that is soft and cozy, supposed to keep your warm.
  • If you roll the cuffs up a little, there are reflectors on the bottom interior.
  • A zippered pocket on the rear of the waistband.
  • Deep side pockets on each thigh, and 3 invisible key pockets on the interior of the waistband.
  • Best feature: a drawcord waist the makes sure the pants won’t fall down mid-stride.

I bought them immediately.

In addition to being helped so quickly and led to exactly what I find useful, even though I wasn’t really planning on buying anything, the register staff were incredibly polite and I got a cool fabric shopping bag to take home, not one of those ugly, plastic things we all immediately throw away.

I was impressed.

I didn’t try them on at the store, but I like to really give my pants a good go to see if they are comfortable. I put them on and ran about 6 laps throughout my apartment. No slippage. No itchiness. Nothing. Just comfortable and warm. I can’t say one negative thing about them.

They cost $98.

WTF??? Please add that to another reason I don’t shop in that store. Lululemon, you are PRICEY!!!

But I still love the pants.

Will I keep them? That, I don’t know. Are they worth the $98? Hmmm, that’s the big question. It’s hard to tell until I put them on and go outside in 25 degree temps. We shall see.

Overall, I had a great experience at the store. No, I still don’t like the fact that Lululemon does not cater to a more full figured audience, and for that reason I should really be boycotting them. But truth is, I’m a sucker for products that work. And that may outrank (at least in my mind) the truth that Lululemon does not appear to like heavy people.  As a matter of fact, I think I will send them an email stating such. But still, I cannot deny that they have great products for both runners and yoga enthusiasts. It would be dishonest of me to not admit that.

Poll: Have any of you ever been to Lululemon? What’s been your experience with the store and products?


One thought on “Lululemon Surprised Me

  1. GiGi Eats Celebrities says:

    I am addicted to Lululemon. Honestly, if you walk into my closet, you would think that you just walked into a Lululemon store! ha ha ha. My problem I am having with them now though is that… I am seeing no new styles these days. That being said, their stuff really is the best of the best! I used to poo-poo expensive work out clothing, however I now realize that they LAST FOREVER! ha ah! 😉 I am glad you had such a good experience!


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