2013 – Twelve Months of BADASSery!

Yeah, I kicked 2013 in the ass, fo shizzle!


Some cool things I accomplished this year:

1) Played on a women’s’ baseball team for the first time during the summer. Discovered I’m a pretty decent switch hitter, but a horrible fielder.

2) Completed 3 mud runs: The Survival Race, the Rugged Maniac, and the Merrell Down & Dirty. Olivia did her first Mud Run too!

Photo taken at 3:19  Register at www.thesurvivalrace.com

3) Reached a PR of 32:45 at the Heart and Sole 5K in July.

4) Finished the really hard Tobay Triathlon in August.

Finish 1

5) Wore a size 8 (Medium), down from a size 1X.

6) Got certified in Group Exercise, Personal Training, and Youth Fitness

IYCA certification

7) Got 2 fitness related jobs, which a I love!

8) Started my own Personal Training company!


9) Finally ran a mile in under 10 minutes.

10) Traveled to the Dominican Republic for the first time in September.

beach bikini me

11) Swam a mile in under 26 minutes!

12) Got into a Sports and Health Sciences master’s degree program.

And to think, tomorrow it starts all over again!!!

Can you name at least 5 things you were proud of accomplishing this year?


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