Credit Card Tales: My Under Armour Haul

I went to Dicks Sports Goods in Huntington the other day and grabbed some Under Armour Cold Gear for my winter runs and I tell ya, my credit card cried. I honestly heard it whimpering in the corner of my purse, begging for mercy. I’m expecting it to explode any minute now.

These tops are practically perfect. They kept me warm, stopped the wind from going down my throat and nostrils (due to the height of the neck, they can be pulled up pretty high).

ua cozy pink

Cold Gear Cozy Neck in Pinkadelic – $49.99

What I love about Under Armour is that basically the products do what they are supposed to do. No gimmicks. No glow in the dark materials (other than reflectors). No cute sayings. Just simple products that fulfill their promise to keep you warm (or cool), wick moisture away, and get the job done.

ua printed qualifier

Cold Gear Printed Qualifier in Neo Pulse – $59.99

I desperately needed some warm tops. And if you’ve been reading my blog for more than 30 seconds, you know I love me some bright colors. They keep me from being invisible at night, therefore I won’t get hit by a car (or errant skateboarder).

ua run wind

Cold Gear Run Wind in Blu-Away – $64.99

I bought some great leggings and they fit like a dream. So many running pants tend to fall off of me cause they fit at the thighs, but the waist is too big. Not these. Because they are tight leggings, they grab at all the right places and I don’t have to constantly pull my pants up. It’s very distracting to have your pants at your knees halfway through a 6-mile jaunt.

compression leggings

Compression leggings in Black – $49.99

Infrared Thermo Tights - $52.99

Infrared Thermo Tights – $52.99

These gloves kept my itty bitty fingers warm and still allowed me to manipulate my iPod and cell phone without taking them off. They are soft too.

tech glove

Cold Gear Tech Glove – $34.99

What surprised me was the bra. I’m a 36C (down from a 40DD) and usually don’t like pull-over-your-head sports bras cause they are difficult to get on and they don’t provide proper support, but this one is amaze-balls! I taught my step class while wearing it and there was very little bounce, if any.


Still Gotta Have It in Hyper Green – $24.99

So that’s my shopping trip. I’m done buying winter gear, except for a good headband to cover my ears. I’ve got enough clothing to last me the next 80 days, when Spring arrives. Then it will be time for another shopping excursion (and hopefully for a smaller size).

So tell me, have you gone on any good shopping trips for fitness apparel or gear lately? Let me know!


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