Commitment Doesn’t Take a Holiday

Thank God That’s All Over With!

I hope you all had a terrific Christmas. Mine wasn’t so bad this year. I usually hate the holiday season because it pulls me off my “normal” schedule and I wind up spending time with people I’d prefer not to, but this time it was pretty okay.

I started the day off with a run. We were going to my BIL’s house to open presents with their kids but I needed to fit in a training run at some point in the day. I decided to map a 4-mile route to their house using MapMyFitness and had DH drop me off at my starting point so ran the rest of the way to their home. It was FREEZING people. And by freezing, I mean it was 23 degrees when I started the run. But I layered up with my Under Armour (I sadly don’t have any Cold Gear, so I wore 3 layers of Heat Gear on top and 2 layers of Heat Gear on the bottom) and I was perfectly fine.

I passed a total of 4 other runners who waved and said “Merry Christmas, and lots of people in cars were looking at me as if I were committing a mortal sin. But I felt great. After about 6 minutes I was no longer cold. My feet felt light and the sun on my face was a welcome gift.

roads-are-always-openMy route took me through Forest Park (partially up hill) and then all the way down Woodhaven/Crossbay Boulevard (all down hill) and to my surprise, I arrived in less than 40 minutes. WHAT? I checked the MapMyFitness app and apparently I ran this route at 10 minutes per mile. EXCUSE ME??!! I have NEVER run that fast, ever. But then I looked at my splits and saw that  3 of my miles were well under 10 minutes per mile.


I was so excited! I have seen myself get faster and faster, but to run a 10-minute mile was a dream. A goal I had for next year. This just proved to me that I am getting better. My consistency is resulting in increased distances and decreased pace times. I am becoming a better runner.

After that we opened presents then went to see The Hobbit. I was incredibly surprised the 6 year-old sat through a 2 hour 40 minute movie, but that just goes to show how good it was.

How was your Christmas?


2 thoughts on “Commitment Doesn’t Take a Holiday

  1. kristenk says:

    Congrats on your awesome time! I’m always struggling with getting under 10 minutes per mile in the cold so I’m impressed! That sounds like a really good Christmas present to yourself!


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