This Is Real People!

Note: The purpose of these blog posts is not to promote the use of the Insanity program, but to discuss my experiences with it. I do not recommend this program for beginning exercisers. You need to have achieved a certain fitness level before going all in on this. As a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, I know what to look for, but it can be dangerous as a newbie at-home program. There are warnings all over the DVD about checking with a medical professional and watching your heart-rate, but people still get hurt. Google ‘Insanity Injuries’ and you will see pages upon pages of people complaining of real injuries from the program. The key is to bring things down to your level. I can easily see people having heart attack, hurt backs, and sprained ankles from workouts like these which is why I believe these types of programs need to be done in a group fitness or personal training setting so a professional can look out for the signs of impending danger. But alas, that’s just my humble opinion.

So, yesterday was my first full Insanity workout, and I will tell you this. It was fun! There is no way to get bored on this program , I’ll tell ya that much.

For those who don’t know – What is Insanity?


Insanity is a High Intensity Interval Training program that takes interval training up a helluvalotta notches.


Well, normal interval training has short bursts of cardio, followed by short rest periods. For example: Tabata workouts which are 20 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest. Another example is a standard HIIT workout that is 40-50 seconds of work with 10-20 seconds of rest.

What Insanity does is increase the work time to 3 full minutes and provide a 30 second rest period. In that 3 minute time period you will be doing several different exercises for 30 seconds each, repeating the circuit over and over.

Yes, it is intense. My head was sweaty after just 5 minutes. (Apparently not enough for the hubs though because he commented that I wasn’t sweating enough and to do it again. I told him to “Go F&%* Yourself!”) My heart was pounding at probably around 90% MHR for the latter part of the workout. But I knew when to take a break. I wanted a workout, not a death sentence. LOL!

The most difficult part of the Plyometric Cardio Circuit DVD was doing cardio ab moves; such as Ski Abs, In and Outs, and the Level 1 Drills. But the point of the workout is to push yourself.

All that being said, I did enjoy it. Today I am on to Cardio Power & Resistance, which I will do after my swim. I’m looking forward to getting in the pool for my 32 laps.

This week’s workout schedule:

  • Monday: Insanity Fit Test and 3 mile run (was supposed to be 5 miles, but I had no energy left after Insanity).
  • Tuesday: Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit
  • Wednesday: Insanity Cardio Power & Resistance and 1-mile swim
  • Thursday: Insanity Cardio Recovery and 4-mile run
  • Friday: Insanity Pure Cardio
  • Saturday: Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit
  • Sunday: 5-mile run

What’s your workout for today?


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