What’s Your Brave?

This post is going to make many of you cringe. Good.

It is something I’ve done before, but in the comfort of my own home. Never in view of the public (except I did post is on my old blog).

Don’t get it twisted. I am not the fearless type. I have plenty of fears. I just choose to not allow them to control my life.

Part of living a healthy life means taking care of the mind, as well as the body. We all need to take time to take stock in what we have accomplished so far and account for how far we have yet to go. Having the courage to do what you would not normally do has a great impact on your feelings of self-worth, therefore motivates you even more. So here I am, exposing myself once again.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is me…

…in a bikini,

…in public.

beach bikini me

Punta Cana Beach in the Dominican Republic – 9/5/2013

When the husband took this photo, I tried my best to focus on the sound of the waves crashing on the beach, rather than the people staring, wondering what that rather large woman was doing wearing that itty bitty bikini. Oddly enough, I felt confident. Only a little embarrassed.

Yes, I know I am no size 4 beauty queen, but this is my body right now and I love it. And it’s quite an improvement from a year ago, that’s for sure. My body is progressing. I still have a lot of work to do, but I love this body God gave me and where it is headed.

I have a healthy and realistic body image. I am strong and fit, no matter what others and some numbers may suggest. I am confident and proud of me. We all need to strive for that kind of self-respect and love for one’s own body.

Now it’s your turn. Show me your brave. It can be anything fitness and health related. Go!


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